Tap-In Plumbing Supplies Launches Revolutionary Virtual Reality Bathroom…

Tap-In Plumbing Supplies Launches Revolutionary Virtual Reality Bathroom Design Experience

Tap-In Plumbing Supplies, a stalwart plumbers’ merchant serving hundreds of professionals across the Bradford district for 30 years, has successfully unveiled its cutting-edge virtual reality (VR) bathroom design experience. The grand opening of their new premises on Wednesday, July 3rd, marked a significant leap forward in home improvement technology for the region, while reinforcing their commitment to the plumbing trade.

 The event, which ran all day saw a steady stream of excited customers and industry professionals at Clara House, Worth Enterprise Park Valley Rd, Thwaites, Keighley BD21 4LN. The highlight of the day was undoubtedly ‘The Bathroom Showroom’, featuring an immersive VR Design Center that allows customers to step into and customise their dream bathrooms in real-time.

Wayne Jacobs trying the Virtual Reality

 Matt Richards, CEO of Tap-In, reflected on the successful launch: “The response to our VR technology has been overwhelming. Customers were amazed to see their bathroom ideas come to life before their eyes. This technology is not just a gimmick; it’s a powerful tool that will revolutionise how people plan and visualise their home improvements, while we continue to provide top-notch supplies and support to our loyal plumbing professionals.”

 The grand opening was attended by representatives from the national IPG buying group and Wayne Jacobs, CEO of One In A Million Charity and former Bradford City footballer. Jacobs praised the initiative, saying, “What Tap-In has brought to Keighley is truly impressive. This blend of traditional trade support and cutting-edge technology is exactly what our community needs to inspire the next generation of skilled professionals.”

 The expansion has already created two new jobs, with more opportunities on the horizon as Tap-In prepares to venture into the renewables sector. The larger premises will also enable a new regional delivery service, set to launch in the coming months, promising faster service to plumbers across West Yorkshire.

 Local plumber Tim Overend, who attended the opening, commented, “As a long-time customer of Tap-In, I’m impressed by how they’re evolving while still catering to us tradespeople. The VR design tool will be great for showing my customers what their new bathrooms could look like.”

 The Bathroom Showroom and VR Design Center are now open to the public and trade professionals alike. Tap-In Plumbing Supplies welcomes visitors Monday to Friday, 7:30 AM – 5 PM, and Saturdays from 8 AM – 12 PM.

 For more information or to book a VR design session, visit www.tap-in.com or www.thebathroomshowroom.com.