Business can stay open – as long as…

Business can stay open – as long as hot food makes up just 10 per cent of sales

A BRADFORD business can remain open – but only on the condition that hot food makes up just 10 per cent of its sales.

Alvi’s on Summerville Road was subject to an enforcement notice last year – Bradford Council claimed the business was operating as a take away/cafe when planning permission was only in place for the unit to be a shop.

There was inadequate parking on the road to support the take away/cafe.

The company appealed the decision, maintaining the business was a sandwich shop, that hot food made up a small part of the business and the only hot food preparation on site was a microwave.

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But a planning inspector dismissed that appeal, saying that when they visited the shop they saw a “sizeable hot plate” in the window and seating for 16 people inside.

After the appeal failed, Muhammad Mahboob Hussain submitted a new application that would allow the business to remain open, operating as a sandwich shop with just four items of hot food on the menu. Seating would be reduced to allow a maximum of four people at any one time.

That application has now been approved, with planning officers saying: “There is supporting information that not only will the overall number of hot food options will be reduced to four, but the split in the proportion of food sales which are to be taken away will be 10 per cent hot food and 90 per cent cold food. Taking the numbers and proportion of hot food sales into consideration, this again is considered to be ancillary part of the proposed business and will not materially change its A1 (retail) use.”