Four new businesses make renovated mill complex their…

Four new businesses make renovated mill complex their home

FOUR new businesses are opening at the award-winning Sunny Bank Mills in Farsley as the national lockdown eases.

The firms are the Amity Brew Co, Beckett and Beckett Interiors, Farsley Fire and Smoke and Anahata Yoga.

The mill complex, where Yorkshire Television’s Emmerdale and Heartbeat were filmed, has been transformed in recent years.

John Gaunt, joint managing director of the company which owns Sunny Bank Mills, said: “These are very exciting new lettings for us – and we are absolutely delighted at the range of businesses who are now joining us at Sunny Bank Mills. They broaden our appeal and provide wonderful new facilities for everyone who works at the mill and who lives in Farsley.”

He added: “There is now genuine optimism at Sunny Bank Mills as we emerge from lockdown. I see the spirit of the local people and businesses reflected in these new lettings. There is a determination to seize opportunities and to emerge stronger and undefeated.

“I am full of admiration for the likes of Amity Brew Co, Beckett and Beckett, Farsley Fire and Smoke and Anahata Yoga for opening business at Sunny Bank Mills in the most difficult of circumstances. If we can continue to attract people like this, there is a bright future for Sunny Bank Mills.”

Russ Clarke, Co-founder of Amity Brew Co, said: “We have finally been able to open our doors and serve pints to customers. The reviews of the location have been glowing. Sunny Bank Mills is a beautiful setting with practical and convenient amenities that you don’t find easily around Leeds. The free parking and street food catering is adding so much value to our business, we have everything we could have wanted for our customers.”

Deborah Beckett of Beckett & Beckett Interiors said: “The reason we came to Sunny Bank Mills is that we loved the fact the mill cares about keeping the history alive. Our interior design business involves using beautiful fabrics to create our interiors and fits in beautifully with the Festoon Rooms where we are based.”

Farsley Fire & Smoke is an American hot-smoked meat street food concept, using prime Yorkshire meat, run by husband-and-wife team Ashley Turner and Sarah Chandler

“We are hugely indebted to the landlords of Sunny Banks Mills for supporting us, first by allowing our vans to sell food to all the businesses here and then for providing a commercial kitchen and a wonderful Smoke Shack for us. This has enabled our business to grow swiftly, despite the challenges of the pandemic.”

Anahata Yoga, which is run by Sarah McLaughlin, is moving into the historic Old Combing building at Sunny Bank. She said: “I wanted to open a studio with a real community feel and I absolutely love what Sunny Bank Mills has to offer.”

The complex is home to 91 tenants and 400 staff.