Man questions face mask policy at Morrisons in…

Man questions face mask policy at Morrisons in Girlington

A MAN has spoken out after observing customers not wearing face coverings on a visit to Morrisons in Girlington.

The man told the T&A: “After watching people go in without masks on and the doorman saying nothing to them, I spoke to a manager and he said they could not enforce anybody to wear a mask. It’s up to the police to enforce it but masks are near the entrance for people to get one.”

A Morrisons spokeswoman said: “We are continuing to follow all government guidelines to ensure the safety of our customers and colleagues.”

A spokesman for West Yorkshire Police added: “We will deal proportionately with any reports of people not wearing face coverings in relevant places and continue to encourage everyone to comply with the restrictions and guidance set out by the Government. Fixed Penalty Notices can also be issued if appropriate.”