Back to the Future

Back to the Future

Back to the Future

It’s ‘Back to the Future’ as Bradford hosts its first ever Tech Week to showcase job opportunities for young people across the district.

Organisations including Bradford Council, the University of Bradford, colleges and community groups have come together to launch the event to help young people discover careers in the digital field.

In a first for the city the week will highlight Bradford’s burgeoning Tech scene, looking at current trends in the area as well as looking at what kinds of jobs will dominate in the future.

Tim Rogers of Bradford Means Business said the event was important to help young people in the city raise their aspirations when considering careers in tech and that this would benefit the whole district.

“Bradford has the youngest population in the country and the main aim of the event is to provide them with the opportunity to experience working in tech.

“Local businesses will be throwing open their doors to students and young people and there will be some exciting talks held across the city at schools, colleges and community groups by leaders in innovation and technology.

“There are many job opportunities for young people across the district and Bradford Tech Week will illuminate these pathways into work. People can find out what skills are needed and what roles are available.

“They may not have considered these kinds of jobs before, but by showing them what is out there we can hopefully raise their aspirations into gaining the right qualifications for these lucrative careers. This in turn will benefit the district as it will boost the economy of the whole area.”

He said the events were not restricted to young people.

“Our overall aim is to benefit the whole district and we want be as inclusive as possible here at Bradford Means Business so we want to provide programs accessible to everyone.”

Tim Rogers, LOCALiQ

“Perhaps people have never really considered a career in tech or it has always seemed slightly intimidating. This is an opportunity to dispel those myths and really find out more about what is such an exciting and burgeoning area in the workplace.”

Tech Week will officially take place in October following on from Bradford Manufacturing Weeks which will also take place earlier in the month.

Rashik Parmar who grew up in West Yorkshire and is an IBM Fellow and Vice President and one of Europe’s leading experts in this field said the event would be a huge success.

“Bradford’s first Tech Week will open the door to new opportunities for businesses in Bradford whilst providing new career opportunities for young people.

“Technology allows young people to unlock their potential in the global marketplace, I am sure Bradford Tech week will inspire all those who attend.”

For more information email Tim Rogers