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We meet Dr. Ibrahim Kushchu of the University of Bradford, who discusses the incredible opportunities, risks and developments occurring in the field of Artificial Intelligence.

Professor Ibrahim Kushchu is an expert on management systems and artificial intelligence. He holds a first degree (BSc.) in Management and an MBA. He also has a Master`s degree (MSc.) in Artificial Intelligence from the University of Edinburgh, United Kingdom. He was awarded a PhD degree in Evolutionary Artificial Intelligence from the University of Sussex, UK.

Combining his Management studies and his expertise in Artificial intelligence, Prof. Kushchu has been working for Business Schools both in the UK and in Japan and teaching various Information Communication Technology courses especially related to electronic business and mobile business.

AI and Ethics

Natural and Artificial Intelligence (Part 1)

Natural and Artificial Intelligence (Part 2)

The risks of Artificial Intelligence

Deep Learning (Part 1)

Deep Learning (Part 2)

Artificial Intelligence and Industry (Part 1)

Artificial Intelligence and Industry (Part 2)

Machine Learning: A non-technical approach

The Future of Artificial Intelligence

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