NEWS: Bradford’s Exa Networks helps young people develop digital skills

Young people benefitted from a two-week digital skills camp organised by Bradford business Exa Networks.

The programme was run by Exa’s dedicated foundation and aimed to help the 14 participants learn how digital communication and technology can be used as a force for good to help tackle climate change.

Alan O’Donohoe, Exa’s specialist leader in education, said: “Each project truly showed off the skills, talent and creativity of participants.

“The impact of the camp has been incredibly positive – three participants took home a laptop they refurbished while others acquired new knowledge and skills in games development and digital making.”

He added: “The skills fair we held at the end for parents and other guests was a fantastic showcase of what young people in Bradford can achieve given opportunity, access to resources and mentoring.”

During Bradford Skills Month, The Exa Foundation is running another Digital Skills Camp for young people aged 10 to 18.

From October 24 to 26, 10am until 3pm, participants will take part in a series of interactive, hands-on workshops, activities and masterclasses hosted by Mr O’Donohoe at Exa Networks’ headquarters on Bolton Road.

The camp will culminate in a Digital Skills Fair, taking place on Thursday, October 27.