NEWS: Bradford Tech Week

Bradford Tech Week is back for its third year and set to be bigger and better than ever with a host of activities taking place across the district.

Tim Rogers, CEO of tech company, Future Transformation, and co-creator of the event, said it was integral in highlighting career opportunities in technology and promoting opportunities for young people.

A series of interactive events, seminars, talks and workshops will be held in October suitable for primary school pupils up to college and university students.

He said: “Bradford Tech Week is going from strength to strength as its reputation grows and this year we have really exciting opportunities which will provide skills to help shape the workforce of the future.”

One of the most popular events is the gaming festival which will be held at the Science Museum in the city, highlighting education, jobs and careers in the fast-changing industry.

“The aim is to show young people the wide ranging careers in all areas of technology and we have courses on Artificial Intelligence, cyber security, satellites and our very exciting SpaceArt project which is working with a US business that laser etch digital artwork made by Bradford students onto satellites that are then sent into Orbit of the Earth or to observe asteroids.

“How often do you get the opportunity to send your work into outer space? It’s literally out of this world.”

Mr. Rogers said Bradford had the potential to regain its rightful place in the global community.

“Skills are critical to our future, we are the youngest city and the best. We have an opportunity to empower and unlock our economy locally which will help to rebalance our economy nationally.

“Bradford is at the forefront of the future, and its young population is the key to a better tomorrow. With so much to look forward to in Bradford happening throughout this decade we are in a position to really announce and restore Bradford’s rightful place in the world.

“Tech roles include digital marketing through to leadership positions. For people looking at choices after GCSEs there are also T Levels available and many businesses are engaged with the colleges to support and provide the vital work experience needed to complete the course with many providing roles at the end.

“This wouldn’t happen without our sponsors and partners and we are so thankful to them as well as the schools and teachers across the district who work tirelessly to see young people succeed, our colleges are among the best in the country in shaping citizens and we have a wonderful university which is world leading across many sectors.”

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