‘I am committed to this place’: Owner determined…

‘I am committed to this place’: Owner determined to make Sunbridgewells work

THE owner of a Bradford city centre underground complex has returned home to ensure his father’s good work does not “go to waste”.

Since 2016, Sunbridgewells has offered a mix of attractions including pubs, bars, shops, and restaurants for Bradfordians to enjoy.

Founder Graham Hall sadly passed away in December 2022 leading to his son Harry taking the reigns the following May.

At the time, Harry Hall ran the operations from Australia.

However, a fortnight ago, he decided to take a “leap of faith” by returning home to “make it a success”.

Speaking to the Telegraph & Argus, Mr Hall said: “When it opened, it was packed with people queuing to get into this place. It is trying to recreate that now.

“I have come back from Australia to England to run the place. He (Graham Hall) built this and I can’t let it go to waste. It is everything (for me). I have given up my life in Australia because I believe in this and the city. There are some very good people in Bradford and it is about them being proud of the city that they live in.”

On his return, he added: “I am proving that I am committed to this place. It is an incredible place that needs love, care and attention. I have come home to give it that.”

Since returning, Mr Hall has reopened the once-popular The Rose and Crown pub. He says “everyone wants to help” following conversations with groups including the council, Bradford 2025, and the BID.

Mr Hall is also very optimistic about the future of the city amid the ongoing roadworks.

“What they are doing in the city is phenomenal,” he said.

“Turning it into pedestrianised areas, making it safer, it is great. Right now it is a bit of an inconvenience for people but you have to see the bigger picture. If we want to stand shoulder to shoulder with Leeds and Manchester, these things need to happen.

“There are so many good places to drink and eat in Bradford city centre. If everyone works together this city could be amazing.”

He added: “For Sunbridgewells to move forward we need tenants, not just pubs, clubs and bars.

“For businesses operating 9-5, we have got spaces for them to come in. If you get it going, there is no reason why this place can not be a huge success.”