Mortgage Advice Bureau latest firm to back Give…

Mortgage Advice Bureau latest firm to back Give Bradford campaign

SUPPORT for the Give Bradford campaign continues to strengthen among the district’s business community, with another firm pledging its support to the charitable foundation.

Mortgage Advice Bureau, based in Bingley, has come on board to support Give Bradford 100 Club.

The campaign helps Give Bradford source funding, which is then handed out to local community groups and good causes.

Andrew Milnes, business principal at Mortgage Advice Bureau, has outlined why the firm is so passionate about the Bradford district.

Hi Andrew, what is your favourite thing about Bradford?

“Apart from the obvious diversity we have in the city I think for me it’s mainly about the opportunity it can offer our young people.

“When I look at the great work being done by organisations such as Bradford Economic Partnership, Bradford BID and Bradford Live I think it’s a great time to be growing up in our city.

“If you add into the mix initiatives like Bradford Manufacturing Week and the great things being done by Give Bradford it all adds up to very exciting times.”

What’s your ideal day out in Bradford?

“A walk down to Salts Mill for breakfast followed by a train into Bradford for a few pints in North Parade before walking onto Valley Parade to watch City get three points.

“Very sadly last year only the first two seemed to happen but we live in hope.”

What is the best lesson you have learnt in business?

“Never be afraid to ask for help. Although I did have a boss whose favourite phrase was, ‘Just do it,’ and to be honest this has worked well for me more times than not.”

What single thing do you think could help the city?

“Investment in some of our transport links, which is currently gathering pace, but also a little more pride in the city from some wouldn’t go amiss.”

What inspired you to join the 100 Club?

“I saw at first hand the great work done in Leeds by the Leeds Community Foundation and firmly believed that we could do something very similar in Bradford.”

What community issues are important to you?

“Being a father of teenage children something very close to my heart is ensuring that the young are given the opportunities in life to help them make educated decisions.

“With Bradford having such a young population we have a huge responsibility to help educate and to assist our young people in making the most of the fantastic opportunities this great city can offer them.”