New nursery with mini adventure playground and outdoor…

New nursery with mini adventure playground and outdoor classroom opens in Bradford

A NEW nursery with its own outdoor classroom and mud kitchen has opened.

The site at Ravenscliffe Gateways Community Centre has an array of exciting features – including a mini adventure playground, wooden stepping stones, and a music station.

Sherwood Green Nursery Gateway is the second site run by business duo Emilia Olkowska and Sal Ahmed.

The nursery owners wanted to bring their expertise to children in an underserved area and show how spaces like this can help working parents and improve gaps in early years education.

It is hoped the nursery will create more jobs in the area.

Sal told the Telegraph & Argus: “Opening a second nursery branch reflects a commitment to serving more children and communities.

“It’s about providing quality care and early education to a broader range of families, meeting the growing needs of different neighbourhoods, and creating a positive impact on more children’s early development.”

 Sal said it has been “transformed into a vibrant, welcoming space”.

“We’ve renovated the nursery, giving it a fresh coat of paint and modernising the interiors,” he added.

“The garden is now a lush, well-maintained area perfect for exploration and play. The transformation is remarkable.

“The nursery decor combines a playful and educational theme, featuring soft pastel colours like light green, baby blue, and pale yellow.

“The walls are adorned with educational murals, such as alphabets, numbers, and simple words, all depicted with charming animal illustrations. 

“The furniture, including bookshelves, tables, and chairs, is child-sized.

“A cosy reading corner with a plush rug and beanbags is set beside a small indoor plant, bringing a touch of nature inside.

“The outdoor garden, designed for nursery children, is a sustainable wonderland. Central to it is a mini-adventure playground made of natural wood, featuring a small slide, a sandbox, and a climbing frame.

“There are raised garden beds where children can engage in supervised planting activities. This outdoor area is not only a place for play but also for hands-on learning about nature and sustainability.”

The nursery said it encourages curiosity-led education – run by “experienced educators with ongoing training and a passion for child development” – and the involvement of parents.

There is also a focus on balanced, nutritious meals, and offering children exposure to various cultures and languages. 

Sal said the team follow “advanced safety measures and strict hygiene practices” and use “smart integration of technology for learning and communication”.

Speaking about the nursery’s offering, Sal said: “It offers lifelong benefits by preparing children for future academic and social success.”