Report to showcase Bradford businesses ‘at top of…

Report to showcase Bradford businesses ‘at top of their game’

THE second Bradford District TOP 100 business report has been completed and the Telegraph & Argus will be publishing the report in full on Thursday, April 18.

This is a project in partnership with the University of Bradford, Bradford Council and LOCALiQ, publishers of the Telegraph & Argus and Bradford Means Business.

This is a unique report that pulls together specific data for Bradford-based businesses to build up a story of those that are top of their business game.

Steve Lowe, sales director of LOCALiQ, said: “If you are one of the top 100 businesses look out for a special invitation from the University to attend a special breakfast event on Wednesday, April 17, we have a few limited free tickets available.

“Please register here:”

The data has been gathered by the University of Bradford’s School of Management and ranked across several parameters to arrive at the list enclosed in this report and is published both as a standalone but also in the Telegraph & Argus to showcase Bradford business to everyone the district.

Only those who submit their accounts to Companies’ House can be measured and Bradford has dozens of very successful companies who operate locally whose accounts are not submitted this way and as such will not appear in the report’s top 100.

Mr Lowe said: “Given the importance of those businesses to our local economy, the business team at the council are selecting 20 notable others for us to detail in the report.

“Given the importance of UKREiif (The UK’s Real Estate Investment and Infrastructure Forum) taking place in West Yorkshire in May this year, this year’s report will on hand to help build confidence in Bradford as a place to do business, as a place to invest and a place to be proud of as a local business doing well.”

“The report will also be used by the School of Management, the council business development team and the T&A across the next 12 months to provide a consistent positive narrative for the district, and in 12 months we will run the report again and see what has changed and who is top next year.”

Mr Lowe added: “Celebrating success is an important part of running a business. If raise your profile, makes staff feel proud and highlights local companies as a good place to work, whilst reassuring clients they have made the right choices.”