The Retail Factory in Keighley looking to boost…

The Retail Factory in Keighley looking to boost workforce

A growing Keighley company which supplies display equipment to the retail industry is creating new jobs to meet demand

The Retail Factory enjoyed a successful 2022, and although many experts are warning about the potential impact on the sector of the cost-of-living crisis, the firm is seeing demand for its services rise.

Now The Retail Factory is seeking to expand its workforce in response to the increased business.

Currently the company, based at Parkwood Business Park in Parkwood Street, employs seven people. But it is looking for candidates to fill a number of new roles.

There are various full and part-time posts within the telesales and administration departments, and a sales manager position.

Plus it is looking to take on apprentices to learn about the industry through on-the-job training.

Jo-Dee Loader, managing director of The Retail Factory, says: “As a company, we are showing that it is not all doom and gloom in the retail sector.

“We have experienced fantastic growth over the last year, as the country came out of the pandemic, and we now find ourselves in the exciting position of being able to create new jobs in Keighley.”

The Retail Factory supplies mannequins, clothes rails, hangers and other display items and accessories to businesses across the country.

Further details about the job opportunities can be obtained by emailing

According to the latest Ernst & Young regional economic forecast, Yorkshire and Humber is predicted to see annual average growth of 1.7 per cent between next year and 2026. UK-wide, the figure is 2.1 per cent.

The economic growth forecast for the Bradford district is 1.5 per cent, while employment is expected to grow at one per cent annually.

Stephen Church, for Ernst & Young, says: “The north is home to many of the UK’s most dynamic and innovative businesses and while the next 12 months will be economically challenging, there are areas across the region where we can expect to see encouraging growth over the next few years.

“In order to spread growth, not just across the country but throughout regions too, it is critical that the public and private sectors work together to combine their expertise, strengths and capabilities.

“Looking ahead, the regions of the north need their own clear strategies for growth, which reflect each one’s own strengths and unique attributes. Getting the right sector mix is key, and investment in high-value sectors and skills can help build a sustainable future.”