Yorkshire Tea boss comments amid national concerns over…

Yorkshire Tea boss comments amid national concerns over supply issues

A BOSS at Yorkshire Tea has moved to reassure customers – amid national concerns over supply issues to do with the nation’s favourite drink. 

Supermarket chain Sainsbury’s has cautioned shoppers in some stores that there are “nationwide” problems which could impact the availability of black tea.

A sign in one Sainsbury’s shop read: “We are experiencing supply issues affecting the nationwide supply of black tea.

“We apologise for any inconvenience and hope to be back in full supply soon.”

It is understood that the supply problems, which are partly linked to current disruption of shipments through the Red Sea, are specifically linked to just one supermarket tea supplier.

But Ben Newbury, of Yorkshire Tea, said his customers do not need to worry.

He said: “We put quality, sustainability, and relationships at the heart of our approach. 

“We keep a close eye on our supply chains and work closely with our suppliers and retail partners to ensure there is a steady supply of Yorkshire Tea to go around.

“Unfortunately, the ongoing shipping disruptions are affecting many grocery products, but customers don’t need to worry – we’re monitoring the situation closely and working with our amazing partners to adapt as needed.”