Yorkshire Water unveils multi-million pound plan to cut…

Yorkshire Water unveils multi-million pound plan to cut leakages

Yorkshire Water is spending £28million in a bid to cut leakages across the region.

The project will see new smart meters installed across Yorkshire in the next seven years. 

A Yorkshire Water spokesperson said: “These will monitor customer usage.

“With this data, analysts will be able to recognise if there is a change in the system and allow leaks to be identified remotely and resolved quickly. 

“In addition to this, Yorkshire Water will be deploying pressure sensors in strategic locations across the network, which will continuously provide information to help identify potential issues within the network.

“In the long-term, this will reduce the number of burst water mains.”

Yorkshire Water said all new developments are having smart meters fitted as standard. 

In late 2023, customers will be able to request smart meters at their property if they do not have one.

Yorkshire Water bosses hope the project will help cut leakages by 15 per cent by 2025.