Blossom Homecare to create 150 jobs in West…

Blossom Homecare to create 150 jobs in West Yorkshire

A care-in-your-own-home company is planning to create 150 jobs in West Yorkshire within the next three years.

Blossom Homecare, based in Wakefield and owned by Asuquo Asuquo and his wife Mercy, has already created 12 much-needed jobs.

Asuquo says he’s finding it easier to recruit carers despite the national shortage because Blossom offers better pay and travel expenses and has longer client visits that allow carers to deliver care properly.

He said: “Some of the people who’ve applied to us for jobs were surprised to find we pay £12 an hour instead of minimum wage and were astonished to discover our visits to clients are always at least 50 minutes long.”

Blossom Homecare says it puts the wellbeing of its staff at the core of its business and after three years at the company, employees can expect a free holiday on the company as well as £300 starting bonus.

“This way of doing things, instituted by John Leggott, co-founder of the multi-award-winning Blossom Homecare network, is what attracted me and Mercy to invest in the Leeds and Wakefield franchise,” added Asuquo.