LIVE: All today’s coronavirus news from Bradford and…

LIVE: All today’s coronavirus news from Bradford and beyond


Another strong message from Yorkshire Ambulance Service to tackle the coronavirus outbreak…


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Read this if you are concerned a business is not complying with government rules……


West Yorkshire Police – #StayHomeSaveLives  @WestYorksPolice


Please do not contact the Police to report businesses who are not complying with the Government closure instructions around #Coronavirus. Please report to Trading Standards:


West Yorks PolFed


Chairman Brian Booth on our policing on BBC Radio Leeds this morning: “It’s a difficult time – we are having to change and adapt our policing. The majority of public are supportive and get the message… but there are some who don’t. We are trying to save lives”



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West Yorkshire Fire and Rescue Service are reminding people to be responsible…

“We’ve had some great weather this week… but barbeques on the moorlands do not count as essential reasons to leave your house. The biggest favour you can do for us right now is to avoid having an emergency.”#BeMoorAware


CONCERNS have been raised about working conditions at a Bradford bakery business during the coronavirus conditions.

One worker at CSM Bakery Solutions, on Cutler Heights Lane, spoke of their fears – but the firm has said it is working with employees to ensure a safe working environment.

They claimed “hundreds of people” have been gathering to wait to go into work and inside the factory, no precautions are being taken.

“We can physically not work two metres apart, we don’t wear gloves or masks and we are running out of PPE for the people that work with dry ingredients,” they said.

The worker added there was “hundreds of people coughing and have symptoms” but are still working. They also raised fears about agency staff coming from other companies.

“I’m scared for mine and my colleagues lives,” said the worker.

A spokesperson said in response: “CSM is a major producer of bakery ingredients and products, as such it’s essential in keeping bread and bakery products on the shelves. Following government guidelines in this rapidly changing environment we are working with our employees to ensure a safe working environment through this crisis.”%image(”, type=”article-full”)