Private Covid testing firm opens in Bradford to…

Private Covid testing firm opens in Bradford to meet 'surging demand'

A PRIVATE Covid-19 testing firm has opened a new site in Bradford city centre.

DAM Health has opened the centre in Great Horton Road, and another centre is set to open at Leeds Bradford Airport next month.

Professor Frank Joseph, director of DAM Health, says the new site will help meet demand for private tests for people going on holiday and to gatherings.

Prof Joseph, pictured, said: “Testing is now a way of life.

“Our expansion to Bradford will help meet demand from people requiring private Covid-19 PCR testing.

“DAM Health operates on an extremely efficient turnaround time on PCR test results which are guaranteed in 24 hours.

“Even with the vaccine, which only stops people getting sick, we will need negative tests before travelling overseas for holidays or work and for gatherings.

“Many people are taking tests with us before visiting extended family bubbles too.

“Testing helps to stop the spread of the disease.

“Until we know whether the vaccine stops us from transmitting the virus, we will still need to be tested on a regular basis.

“Previous vaccines for other things have shown a decrease in transmissibility, but we can’t take anything as a given with this virus, so we need to continue to work towards protecting people and this includes testing.

“We’re proud to play our part in this effort and open our new clinic in Bradford. People are already making booking enquiries with us ahead of the summer holidays when travel rules could be relaxed.”

The site in Bradford follows other sites DAM Health has opened in Leeds, Manchester and Liverpool, London, Birmingham, Wolverhampton and Surrey.