New Bradford firm aims to help brewers in…

New Bradford firm aims to help brewers in challenging times

A Bradford company has been launched to help brewers and drinks manufacturers who are facing difficult and challenging times.

Collective Motion Brewing, an equipment specialist based at Alpha Court, Coop Place, off Rooley Lane, is aiming to help brewers manage cost-efficient production and maintenance amid the challenges of a global energy crisis.

The company is the brainchild of founder and director Dominic Smith, a mechanical engineer with experience in the production of brewing and packaging material, and director Tomasz Lenartowicz, an electrical engineer with a background as a lead designer of control systems.

Mr Smith said: “With our passion for the brewing industry, we identified a need for a service to help smaller brewers survive by servicing essential machinery to keep them in operation and helping to source high-quality second-hand equipment.

“We hate waste and love breathing new life into old non-working units.”

The firm has a 1,000-square-foot base which will operate as a warehouse, workshop and R&D centre for the supply of a range of equipment, automation and services which are designed to improve quality control, reduce running costs and minimise waste.

Its portfolio includes newly developed and upgraded systems alongside refurbished machinery and a fast diagnostics and repair service for the brewing, distilling and cider-making industry.

Collective Motion Brewing Company is also aiming to establish itself as a leading provider of bespoke equipment projects for clients of all sizes.

The company recently developed a four-vessel semi-automated brewhouse to function as a testing facility for a brewer client in France.

Mr Lenartowicz said: “We also have a passion for innovation. Developing new solutions is a big part of our service.

“We can deliver projects that cover packaging, brewing, energy-saving and plug and play automation upgrades.

“We can help with the updating of old equipment with more modern systems and automated controls.

“At a time of soaring energy prices and global supply chain issues, managing costs is one of the biggest concerns for the brewing industry, especially for the smaller independent brewers.

“Collective Motion Brewing has a lot to offer in support of those concerns, whether it’s extending the lifespan of old systems or developing new solutions to increase energy efficiencies.”

The core team will be backed by an extensive network of consultants including process engineers, software developers, brewers, asset managers and production managers.