Next Stop Bradford – Northern Powerhouse Survey

Next Stop Bradford – Northern Powerhouse Survey

Bradford Chamber of Commerce is gathering information that might support the case for a Bradford city centre station on the Northern Powerhouse Rail route.

Bradford sits at the heart of the Northern Powerhouse, between the two biggest economies in the North – Manchester 28 miles to the west, Leeds nine miles to the east. The city is in a prime location and plays a leading role in the Northern Powerhouse economy.

However Bradford faces its challenges. The M62 is congested and unpredictable. Trains to Leeds from Bradford are regularly overcrowded and rarely break 30mph. The thirty mile railway journey to central Manchester often takes over an hour.

Only by improving its connectivity with cities east and west will Bradford fulfil its major economic potential. Connecting Bradford to Northern Powerhouse Rail with a city centre station will transform the economic and cultural contribution of the city, amplifying the effectiveness of the Northern Powerhouse and accelerating the growth of the North’s economy.

A short survey is asking what would influence businesses to consider investing in or relocating to the area around Bradford Interchange station – or the ‘Southern Gateway’, as it’s becoming known.

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Close date 8th November