School says thank you to those who have…

School says thank you to those who have played ‘crucial role’ in its journey

A SPECIAL event honoured businesses that have helped a school community.

Marshfield Primary School’s Business Support Recognition Awards thanked the firms that have been “instrumental in the school’s success”.

The Little Horton school said the ceremony saw a “remarkable turnout”.

Among those honoured were Pakistan Catering, Al Hira, St Oswald’s Church, Al Khair Foundation, DJ Bally, Desert Bank, Bradford Catering, Iqbal Catering, A2Z Learning Centre, while special recognition was given to Mahfooz Farooq from My Lahore for his support over the years.

It was one of the final events Councillor Gerry Barker attended before his tenure as Lord Mayor came to an end. 

Headteacher Zara Kearns said at the event: “Our success at Marshfield Primary is a testament to the incredible partnerships we have with our local businesses.

“Their unwavering support has not only provided essential resources and opportunities for our students, but has also fostered a sense of community and shared purpose.”

She added: “From providing meals and event catering to supporting educational programs and community events, each of these businesses has played a crucial role in our journey.”