Take-away plan for former betting shop

Take-away plan for former betting shop

A TAKE-AWAY could soon open in a unit that was until recently occupied by a betting shop.

The Ladbrokes at 33 Lilycroft Road, Manningham shut last month, and now a planning application has been submitted to convert the unit into a hot food take away.

Submitted by M Latif, the application says the final occupier of the new business has yet to be confirmed, but seeks permission for the future owner to open from 8am to midnight.

‘Restaurant’ refused after planners’ suspicions it would in fact be a take away

The unit opposite the former Trinity Methodist Church, is 85 square metres and is on a street that is home to a number of other restaurants and take-aways.

The planning application, submitted to Bradford Council earlier this month, says: “The applicant owns the whole building and is to le.t the ground floor commercial premises and first floor residential flat as a whole. It is anticipated that the first floor flat would be occupied by employees of the takeaway business and their dependants.”

A decision on the application is expected in May.