AW Hainsworth Releases Annual Sustainability Update

AW Hainsworth Releases Annual Sustainability Update

Established textile mill AW Hainsworth have published their 2022 Sustainability Report, detailing the projects and initiatives they have undertaken over the year. This includes implementing and maintaining activities that focus on their long-term commitment to the environment, the local community, employees, and their customers and supply partners.

In 2023 AW Hainsworth is entering their 240th year, weaving iconic cloth at their Yorkshire mill for eight generations. A focus on sustainability is crucial to their longevity moving forwards.

Amanda McLaren, Managing Director said, “Being sustainable as a manufacturing business is challenging, but despite this, we continue to work towards ambitious goals to reduce our environmental impact. We know we must take proactive measures to ensure our operations are sustainable.

We have already implemented numerous initiatives to reduce our carbon footprint, and we are working on a shift in culture to embed sustainability into the working lives of every employee. This has to come from the top, so the Senior Leadership Team is heavily involved in our Sustainability Committee and has attended additional training.

I am very proud that, in our 240th year, we are leading the way in sustainability for businesses of our type. I will continue to be personally responsible for driving us forward.”

In the newly published report, AW Hainsworth details the Sustainability projects which they committed to in 2022, including highlights of:

  • Installing a water re-circulation unit that will save 1.25 million litres of water and 45,000 kWh of electricity per year
  • Increased recycling
  • Connecting with local schools, charities, and suppliers
  • Offering affordable housing
  • Training and rewards for their employees
  • Investment in skills and quality

2022 was a strong year for sustainability for AW Hainsworth, and they have plans to further build on this in 2023. This year will include waste management initiatives, a further roll-out of re-circulation units throughout milling, and collaborating with customers on sustainability projects.

Download the Sustainability Report here.