Charity shop with a difference launches in Shipley

Charity shop with a difference launches in Shipley

NEWLY-LAUNCHED StudioBD is a charity shop with a difference as donated items once destined for landfill get a new lease of life.

The new shop, found on Wrose Road in Shipley, has upcycled second hand records into clocks and turned useless empty bottles into a fairylight fixture.

It is the first charity shop venture of its kind in Bradford with volunteers putting their spin on items in need of some tender loving care.

Bradford District’s AgeUK needed a way to make the most of donations and join the fight against society’s throw away culture and turned to their bags of damaged donations.

Charity shops often receive clothes with broken zips, missing buttons and tears as well as more niche items, like glass bottles.

Angelina Duckworth, head of retail and distribution for AgeUK Bradford district, told the Telegraph & Argus: “We started looking at how we could increase our income and how we could sell more sustainable gifts instead of them (the donations) going to landfill.

“We wanted it to be about bringing the community together and not just being a charity shop.

“We wanted to create our own unique branding for it and make it something a little bit different.

“They’re really ‘tried and tested’ (products) at the moment.

“We’re always looking for volunteers.

“That’s one of our things we’re looking at.

“What’s really exciting is we just wanted something really unique that was different from all the different retail outlets.”

She added: “We’re making vinyl clocks and really thinking about how we could stop things going to landfill and making it more of a quirky gift.”

The charity is also working with partner HFT to fix up second-hand cushions.

The shop is also helping the district make more eco-friendly and sustainable choices with a refill station.

StudioBD will be selling Ecover household products which means people can buy bottles and return for a refill in a bid to cut down on plastic.

Angelina explained: “That’s where you can buy household products and come and refill using your empty bottles.”

Other products include jars of retro sweets or Himalayan salt, notebooks made with recycled paper as well as small packages of baby clothes with teddies.

There is also a small section dedicated to clothes.

If you would like to help upcycle some products, people can call into an AgeUK branch in Bradford district.

Those interested can also apply via Bradford district’s AgeUK website.