City centre road reopens after person is taken…

City centre road reopens after person is taken to LGI following rush hour collision

A MAJOR city centre road has reopened after a collision during rush hour.

The crash occurred on Shipley Airedale Road at around 8:08am and involved a silver Hyundai I40 and a pedestrian.

Part of the road – from the main fourway junction, heading in the direction of Canal Road – was cordoned off for much of the morning.

But it has since reopened.

A police spokesman said an ambulance was on the scene and an injured person was taken to Leeds General Infirmary (LGI).

Their injuries are confirmed to not be life-threatening. 

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The Hyundai was removed from the scene fairly quickly, but several police cars remained throughout the morning and police are still at the scene now.

The cordon – which blocked the entrance to Shipley Airedale Road at the junction – caused large amounts of rush hour traffic.

Hall Ings was queueing back to and beyond Broadway, with Leeds Road and Shipley Airedale Road (heading to and from Wakefield Road) also busy.

Enquiries are ongoing.