Controversial plan for shops and industrial units is…

Controversial plan for shops and industrial units is withdrawn

CONTROVERSIAL plans to build shops and industrial units on a plot of Bradford land have been withdrawn by the developer.

The proposed development, off Horton Park Avenue, has attracted over 130 objections since they were submitted.

The Environment Agency, Council officers and West Yorkshire Police had also raised concerns about the application.

Submitted by a Mr Mohammed, the plans would have seen the units built on undeveloped land between a care home and the Al-Jamia Suffa-Tul-Islam Grand Mosque.

The application was for 12, three-storey shops built facing onto All Saints Road, three two storey light industrial units in the centre of the development and six office type units adjacent to the Acorn Care Home site.

Plans to build shops, offices and industrial units on land off All Saints Road

Documents sent to Bradford Council said: the development “would create a well-used and vibrant area for shops very much like the Great Horton Road area.”

The application said the development could create 25 full time and 30 part time jobs, and help small scale businesses to expand.

On Tuesday Bradford Council updated the application to say the plans had been withdrawn.

Objectors to the plans included representatives of the Mosque, teachers at local schools, members of sports clubs that use nearby facilities and many residents living near the site.

They raised issues ranging from an increase in traffic to the area, noise generated by numerous new businesses opening on a previously undeveloped site and questioning the need for this number of shops in that part of the city.

The site is near the Little Horton Green Conservation Area, and Bradford Council’s Design and Conservation officer Hannah Meekings had questioned the plans. She said: “I have significant concerns about the scale, design and materials which appear functional, utilitarian and unrelated to the surrounding built form.

“In my opinion, the proposed units would appear alien and discordant within the streetscape on All Saints Road and Laisteridge Lane.

“The proposed site will appear as an incongruous feature within the setting of the conservation area.”

All new developments in Bradford could soon require a boost to local nature

Council biodiversity officers said the development would lead to a drop in the area’s biodiversity, and that they would only support the scheme if the applicant could show how the scheme would improve biodiversity.

West Yorkshire Police, who are consulted on major planning applications, raised concerns about the plans. In a letter to the Council, Lisa Reardon, designing out crime officer, said the extra traffic that the site would generate would “likely” lead to traffic problems in the area.

They added: “The site location is within close proximity to the existing nursing home and If elderly residents rooms are the south and west of the home or residents wish to sit outdoors in the summer months, there is likely to be nuisance noise from deliveries, vehicle movements, traffic, potentially extractor fans depending on what uses are proposed within the units which doesn’t equate to a peaceful or tranquil living environment for elderly residents in their twilight years.

“This type of development would be better located within an industrial area / industrial estate which has good travel links and where external lighting, noise, and travel movements don’t have any bearing or impact like they would within a residential area.”