Coronavirus crisis is ‘uncharted territory’ for businesses

Coronavirus crisis is ‘uncharted territory’ for businesses

THE President of the Bradford Chamber of Commerce says the current Coronavirus pandemic is “uncharted territory for everyone.”

Suzanne Watson, Managing Director of Approach PR, said that when the crisis is over, businesses will play a huge role in bringing vibrancy back to Bradford.

Government measures to support business in the district through the crisis are expected to cost around £130 million.

Mrs Watson said: “This is uncharted territory for all of us, and a very worrying time.

CORONAVIRUS: Financial compensation for Bradford businesses could cost £130 million

“When it is all over, people will want to get back to work, to visit family and to enjoy themselves with shopping, eating and drinking and the other activities that are mostly suspended.

“When that time comes, we need businesses to still be there to help grow the local economy, provide employment and bring back the vibrancy that this city and District has/had.

“So those support measures provided by the Government, and being implemented and delivered by the local authority, are essential for us to get through this crisis.

“We thank them for that, and are working closely with them to inform, support and signpost the business community at this crucially critical time.”