'Deleterious' LED signage plan refused

'Deleterious' LED signage plan refused

BRADFORD Council has refused another application to replace an advertising board with a digital screen.

In the past year planners at the Council have refused a number of different applications to upgrade advertising boards with LED advertising displays, citing the visual impact of the new, illuminated signs.

And now another application, by Matt Swindles, to replace a large board at 775 Wakefield Road with a smaller, digital advert, has been refused.

Planning officers said the replacement: “is poorly related to the appearance and character of the locality and would result in visual clutter.”

Inspector backs Council decision to refuse digital signs

Refusing the application, they said: “It is not considered that the existing hoarding contributes to the visual amenity of the locality. 

“The locality is not commercial in character and the proposed digital LED display would not be reflective of the established character around this part of Wakefield Road. The sign does not sit in a commercial context or one where

such hoardings proliferate. The introduction of an LED display in this locality would for a stark contrast with the muted backdrop of the building behind and would increase the prominence of the advert by increasing the height and width above that of the present hoarding. The proposed LED sign would, therefore be deleterious to the amenity of the locality.”