'Education is best route for class of 2020,"…

'Education is best route for class of 2020," Bradford economist says

EDUCATION is the best place for young during recession, a University of Bradford economist has claimed.

Dr Mark Baimbridge from the University of Bradford’s School of Management predicts job prospects will be better in three to four years.

Official figures show that 220,000 fewer people were working in the three months leading up to June, urging students to consider clearing.

Dr Baimbridge said: “They basically have two options. One is to go into the workforce and the other is to continue in education. Whenever there is a recession, going into employment is made more difficult because you are starting off with no real experience, you only have your school leaving qualifications and there will be lots more people who have more experience, professional as well as vocational.

“Given that, the more sensible thing to do would be to continue your education, wherever that might be, with the expectation that by the end of your course in three to four years’ time, assuming nothing else happens, the economy will have recovered.”

He added: “The fact we’re in a recession at the moment is not a surprise, given that the economy has been shut down since March. The question is how big will the recession be. Usually, recessions take between 18-24 months to work through, so students who enrol this year will come out of university on that upswing, at which point job prospects will be much better because employers will be looking for people and won’t necessarily mind too much about them not having experience.”

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