Firm expands into historic mill office space, which…

Firm expands into historic mill office space, which is powered by solar wall

A BRIGHOUSE firm which specialises in solar panel lead generation has taken space in a historic mill – and its offices are now powered by a solar wall.

Sales Fuel, a marketing performance and lead generation agency has moved into part of St Pegs Mill, housing their 30-plus strong team in the energy-efficient location.

The firm’s contact centre, business development team, marketing team, paid media team, directors and HR department, have moved to a 7,330 sq foot office on the third floor of the Grade 1 listed building.

The mill is said to be home to “Yorkshire’s biggest solar wall” which powers the mill helping keep tenants’ carbon footprints as low as possible.

Prior to the solar wall, the mill previously had a green wall in the same location, but its replacement this summer has ensured more energy efficiency at the site.

This, on top of the existing solar panels installed onto the mill roof, makes it arguably one of the most up-to-date historical buildings in Yorkshire, when it comes to being as carbon neutral as possible.

Director Ben Rattle said: “The office has been in the works for just over a year now and is an absolute dream for us as a business and for our employees. You can really feel the difference with regards to culture as you walk around.”

“We’ve grown as a company so much over the last year and gone from 10 staff to around 38 currently and the plan is to hire more over the next six months to fill the office to around a 100-strong workforce.”

He added: “The solar wall has been in the works for some time. We’re ecstatic that it will be used to power the offices. With the business we’re in – generating leads for several solar installers and working so closely to suppliers within the industry – it made perfect sense to put our money where our mouth is and install the very product we specialise in in our own office!”

Mr Rattle added: “Not only that but it looks great and is a real talking point for new and existing clients when they visit.  It really stands out.”

The firm is holding a recruitment day on October 7 from 11am for call centre staff.

Sales Fuel generates leads for companies via the brand Honest Quotes and specialises in solar panel lead generation alongside other home improvement products.

The firm was started in 2018 by Ben Rattle and Jake Wiley who sold Solar PV and smart batteries.