Law firm donated £10k Christmas party budget to…

Law firm donated £10k Christmas party budget to food banks

A BRADFORD law firm has donated its Christmas party budget to support food banks in Bradford and Leeds.

Gordons is sharing the £10,000 it usually sets aside for the festive bash between the two food banks, and national food bank charity the Trussell Trust.

Some of the cash will be handed to Bradford Central Food Bank, and the firm has recognised the struggle some people will be facing this winter, compounded by the impact of Covid-19.

Between October and December, the number of people visiting food banks will rise by 61 per cent, according to the Trussell Trust. Since the start of the Covid-19 pandemic, 50 per cent of people using Trussell Trust food banks had never needed one before.

Victoria Davey, partner and executive board member at Gordons, said: “We are proud of how everyone at the firm has supported this initiative and have received some lovely feedback from our colleagues.

“They are very pleased with how we have turned the cancellation of our Christmas party into something which will provide so many people with food, help and support.

“The Trussell Trust is doing an outstanding job in campaigning to help end UK hunger and the need for food banks.

“By donating to the Trussell Trust, everyone at Gordons knows we will be directly helping people less fortunate than ourselves in the region, not just during winter, but also during a pandemic.

Samantha Stapley, chief operations officer at the Trussell Trust, thanks Gordons for its donation.

She said: “We’ve seen unprecedented numbers of people needing help from food banks as the impact of coronavirus has hit people’s incomes. This isn’t right.

“But thanks to the support of Gordons, we have been able to remain agile to the fast-changing situation, ensuring food banks in our network are better equipped to provide the lifeline of emergency food to people in crisis today while we work towards a future where everyone can afford the essentials. Thank you so much.”