Living The Dream

Living The Dream

EVERY year brings new challenges for one Bradford retail success story, and, this year the company is living the American Dream.

Following the success of Regal Foods in Canada, and in 40 countries across the world, the company has been working tirelessly to break into the American market.

In May 2019, the first container of Regal Food products hit the shores of the New World, and are now available in up to ten main states in America, including New York, Texas and New Jersey.

“This is a fantastic development for Regal Foods, and it shows that we are a force to be reckoned with in the global consumables industry. We’ve always wanted to get into America, and we’ve had to do a lot of work to meet the demands of that market.”

Waqar Younis, Sales Director

“Our initial range of about 50 products have been really well received in American outlets, and we hope, in the future, to be able to offer the full range of somewhere in the region of 350 products to the American consumer.

“Not only are we delighted to be trading in the US, but we are proud that a relatively small UK business, based in Bradford, has managed to make this tremendous leap across the water.

“The response to that first consignment was massive. It has been manic – but in a good way.

“We are selling popcorn and crisps in the Big Apple, along with biscuits and cookies baked in Yorkshire!”

It has taken less than 20 years for the family business – that was started with one warehouse to supply local grocery stores – to make an impact across the Pond.

Waqar is clearly delighted with the progress of the company and says that they will continue to take the brand further afield.

The support of their customers at home has played a significant part in securing the company’s success abroad, and the response and support of their new American customers is taking the business forward.

Regal Food Products Group was founded in the heart of Yorkshire from humble beginnings, to fill a gap in the market, locally, for quality Asian and halal products.

It has gone on to become a multi-million-pound, global business, also available across Europe and in Singapore and Malaysia, with a name increasingly recognised and trusted by shoppers, as well as being highly regarded in the trade.

Its own manufacturing arm, The Baking Company LLP, is at the forefront of innovation, always looking at new ideas, developing new products, and ways to improve the product range.

Their own commitment to the city is undiminished, and they strongly believe in giving back to the community that has helped them on their path to success.

They believe that they have a responsibility for ‘banging the drum’ for Bradford, which has come through some very hard times.

But with business like Regal Foods behind it, the city can face its own challenges and the people can live their dreams.