Lowest-paid council workers offered 9 per cent pay…

Lowest-paid council workers offered 9 per cent pay rise

Council workers in England, Wales and Northern Ireland on the lowest pay have been offered a rise of over 9 per cent.

This means around 1.5 million people would get an increase of at least £1,925 from April. Unions are now considering the offer.

The lowest paid staff get a pay rise of 9.42 per cent and council staff on higher pay would see a smaller rise of 3.88 per cent.

Councillor Sian Goding, who chairs the local government negotiating group said: “The National Employers are acutely aware of the additional pressure this year’s offer will place on already hard-pressed council finances, as it would need to be paid for from existing budgets.”

“However, they believe their offer is fair to employees, given the wider economic backdrop.”