Mental health advocate speaks up about reality of…

Mental health advocate speaks up about reality of looking after an anxious child

THE FATHER of an 11-year-old girl dealing with anxiety has said a leaflet is not enough to support parents after finding out their child needs a helping hand.

Businessman Scott Buckler warned growing time pressures on GP services means there is not enough time to “signpost” parents to the right places.

Now the mental health advocate is bringing a full day of seminars and stalls to Pudsey Civic Hall with the hopes of shining a light on support available in West Yorkshire – an event backed by actor Stephen Fry and MP Stuart Andrew (Cons, Pudsey).

The father-of-two told the Telegraph & Argus: “My eldest daughter is suffering with anxiety. We got support from CAMHS which were brilliant but it was a long time waiting – eight to 10 weeks.

“Through Facebook we found a couple of classes and things she undertook around confidence going into school.

“For myself it was something of upset. It was very hard for myself. It’s scary.”

The event will take place between 9am and 4pm on Saturday (October 12) with invited groups including Yorkshire Mentoring and Youth In Mind.

Scott hopes parents will come along with their children to banish the idea that mental health support is scary for both parties.

He said: “It’s like having a knock. It doesn’t mean you’re unstable, it just means you’ve got an illness that you’re dealing with.

“We want to get away from the stigma. As somebody with depression I spent years not notifying anybody.

“This doesn’t just want to be a one off. We want to be able to host this in Bradford.”