Newly-graduated DJs take business gamble: ‘If it’s not…

Newly-graduated DJs take business gamble: ‘If it’s not now, then when?’

“WHATEVER the world and economy may look like in the future I think we both know that now is the right time for us to at least try fulfil our vision.”

These are the words of the student DJ duo behind a new label, Interpolate Records – a platform for artists and DJs to release music and share music together virtually.

The newly launched label has been created by Thackley DJ Galahad, or Ryan Passmore, and Ben Daddyy, also known as Ben Daddy from Hedon.

The pair had hoped to host a club night celebrating the end of their university studies before working out their next career steps.

But in what is expected to be one of the toughest recessions faced by the UK, the DJs felt it was the perfect opportunity to take a business gamble.

The DJs will be sharing upcoming releases, guest mixes and musically curated content to be shared as well as graphic design collaborations.

Ben, who is graduating with a degree in film and media, told the Telegraph & Argus: “The creative sector is going to find it hard to adapt as conventional ways of collaborating on projects, as some jobs cannot necessarily be done online like with film and media productions for example, but I guess that is going to be the challenge.

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“We had this idea of a record output and online content prior to lockdown but much further down the line or maybe not at all, all depending how the initial events went.

“Right now, it feels much more fitting to do it. Whilst this is a creative venture and opportunity for us, it is also allowing us to give other people opportunities to be creative and maybe have something to strive towards in the process. We have a range of talented friends, who produce, DJ, have journalistic or social media backgrounds and are graphic designers. They do not always have a platform to push their creative output on, so this approach to online content is really pertinent of the time.

“There is so much uncertainty that I guess we’d expect the worst, but more people have had time for themselves. That time for passion projects and increasing level of creativity is really going to spark some innovative ideas and opportunities may materialise for people as a result.”

Ryan, who studied geography and went to Craven College, first met Ben at the University of Hull. They have both shared a passion for clubs and DJ-ing since their early teens. They hope Interpolate Records will become a go-to space for people like them.

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Ryan explained: “Our main source of income, at least until events can go ahead will be from digital releases. We are planning to release our first EP within a month of so, which will be available on Bandcamp as a free/ pay what you want download as a means of generating interest and increasing our reach.

“After that we are looking towards having paid releases on Bandcamp, as well as streaming services such as Spotify and Apple music.

“Once we can go forward with events and hopefully have some momentum from releases, we hope to start generating revenue through ticketed events and merchandise. In the downtime between releases we’ll be putting out other online content like DJ mixes from residents and guests.

“There can be pressures, especially with how the future is looking at the moment for the economy as a whole, but both me and Ben are at a point in our lives where it’s ‘If it’s not now, then when?’. So, whatever the world and economy may look like in the future I think we both know that now is the right time for us to at least try fulfil our vision.

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“We are really lucky in that our friend Ethan Green is brilliant with social media and written content and has been helping out in that department, he really helps with building a professional online presence which is really important in this climate.”

Find out more about Interpolate Records here.