Newly opened Bingley Brew House to bring city…

Newly opened Bingley Brew House to bring city drinkers back to their home turf

A NEW brew house has arrived just in time for the Winter months with plush leather seats, industrial interiors and a range of hand-pulled ales.

Bingley Brew House, the latest bar by Mill Hey Brew House, will capture the “exact same feel” of its popular Haworth watering hole.

It’s a timely venture for the company who have opened three years after Mill Hey first threw open its doors.

Manager Taylor Stott says the bar is all about both serving and raising spirits with a range of ales, draught beers, wine, cocktails and even non-alcoholic drinks on the menu.

Taylor, who now manages Bingley Brew House after a stint at the first bar, said: “We aim to have a good atmosphere, play nice music – a bit of 80s and 90s stuff that everybody enjoys.

“The layout of the rooms are open and there’s lots of comfy areas with a bar.

“I want to create a nice place for nice people and getting Bingley a place where people want to come.

“We’ve not made any new changes.

“We’ve worked and been there for three years so we feel Mill Hey Brew House is going in the right direction.

“We want to carry on Mill Hey.

“We want to give it the exact same feel.”

When it came to location the company knew Bingley was the perfect location with many people travelling on roads through the town.

The brew house is designed to be a “warm, welcoming” environment and, ahead of its opening night, it says quality and service is its ultimate goal.

Taylor said: “We think Bingley is on the up. It’s the place to be. Places are opening all the time and we feel we could join in with that.

“If you go out you don’t want to be sat in one venue. Hopefully with Bingley Brew House and other places around us can work together.

“We’d been thinking about Bingley for a year or so. It was just right place at the right time.”

And the local aspect is key for Taylor, who believes there is no reason to head to the city with bars like this on your door step.

The pub atmosphere is very much alive, he says.

He said: “We try to be five stars in everything.

“I think everything’s always changing.

“We’ve got to keep people interested and do a good job.

“There’s no reason to go to Leeds. This is very local.

“It’s brilliant. We’re really happy.

“We hope to create a friendly and relaxed atmosphere in which customers can enjoy all that Bingley Brew House has to offer.”