Regal increases its Online Offer

Regal increases its Online Offer

GLOBAL success story, Regal Foods, is now offering customers more of what they want by re-vamping their on-line shop.

The phenomenal success of the Bradford-based company is a result of them listening to their customers and responding to growing demand for ease of shopping, and more choice through their online platform.

Having another look at the on-line shop has also allowed the multi-million-pound business to increase the range available, and to introduce a selection of new lines.

Not only does www.shopatregal include many of the most popular items that customers can buy in-store, but also offers gift ideas, which includes afternoon tea cake selections, and Movie Night, with a choice of popcorn and snacks.

Although the company has had an online presence for a while, recent expansion, both in the UK and abroad, has created a bigger audience and escalated demand.

Sales Director, Waqar Younis, says: “Until now, we’ve been concentrating on the UK shop-based business, followed by expansion into Canada, Europe, Asia, and most recently, the USA. The success in these areas has resulted in a bigger audience for our products, and created a demand from our customers to be able to purchase on-line.

“We had a good look at our online business and could see great potential for the future. So we re-vamped the website, added more lines than had been available previously, and increased our staffing to address the predicted increase in sales.

“Now, customers from all over the world can order their favourite items, and it gives us a great platform for launching new products.”

UK customers can choose Standard Delivery (3-5 working days) or Next Day Delivery service, with free delivery on all orders over £50.

The Regal name has had an ever-increasing presence in the city since the family business was established in Bradford nearly 20 years ago. Regal Food Products Group was founded in the heart of Yorkshire from humble beginnings, to fill a gap in the market, locally, for quality Asian and halal products, and later added its own manufacturing arm, trading as The Baking Company LLP.

The business has always been at the forefront of innovation, always looking at new ideas, developing new products, and ways to improve the product range.

Even while the new, on-line business is getting off the ground, the Regal Foods family is thinking about the next step.

Waqar says: “We are continually looking at our offer to customers, and we have been exploring the area of ready-made marinades as a new line. We already have a great selection of dipping sauces in our product range, but we are always looking for something different.

“We’re also experiencing the buying shift towards more health-conscious lifestyles and we’re looking to develop more options that reflect our customers’ changes in eating habits.”

Reflecting on the success of the company to date, there is no reason to think that the on-line business won’t do just as well – and with Waqar and his team staying ahead of the game, there’s surely no doubt that it will.