STARTING a new business is a daunting prospect, but these three more than earned their right to be shortlisted.

The Cake’Ole – a tea room with a twist – opened in Bradford city centre back in April.

Then there’s Plant One On Me, on Upper Millergate, which opened in May and has been offering a wide range of house plants and greenery, as well as tea, coffee and cake ever since.

But it’s a new addition to Bradford’s rapidly expanding nightlife that secured the top prize.

Nightrain, in Queensgate, opened in May and has been rocking Bradford’s world ever since, under the stewardship of Brian Glover, Andy Kettle and Keith Tempest.

Mr Kettle said: “It;s unbelievable, we’re amazed, we didn’t expect to win it.

“We’ve only been open since May, it’s fantastic. We’re going from strength to strength, but it’s an absolute honour.

“We’ve all put a lot of time, effort and money into it and it’s great to see the people supporting us.”

Mr Tempest said: “Just to be nominated, we felt like we’d won because it shows people are interested in what we’re doing.

“But for us, it’s getting people not just in Bradford, but outside of Bradford to come in, and we’re going to give them something different.

“That’s what we’ve put a lot of time and effort into doing and hopefully it’s going to go from strength to strength.”

Nightrain is marketed as a rock venue, but the trio explain the bar is bringing much more than that to the city.

Mr Glover said: “It’s really given something value added for people to come into Bradford and spend the weekend here.

“It’s not just to come to us – we’ve got the hotels, we’ve got the shops, we’ve got the restaurants – so hopefully people will come in and do the whole weekend or week experience.

“To top that, it’s an enjoyable experience. Everybody who comes into the place says how good it is and they come back – that’s the thing.

“We’re not just a rock venue, we’re a music venue, it’s all bespoke.

“We all have day jobs, we’ve all done this of our own backs. We’re not rich, we’re not throwing loads of money at it, we do it off our own backs. That’s been the hardest thing, but it’s genuine.”

“We’ve taken a place that had been shut for years – squatters and everything – without contractors.

“It’s just been family and friends that have come in over six months, every weekend, every night, putting in their own time, without even asking them.

“They’ve come in, offered what they can and that’s what’s special to us.

“It’s got our passion and input into it – we haven’t just paid somebody to go and do it.

“We’ve been there every night painting, ripping up floors and everything – we’ve done the whole lot. It’s a personal thing for us.”

Mr Tempest added: “I think that personal touch shows with the people that come in.

“We go down there, we’re there on a night and I think that shows through.

“You’ve got that personal experience where people see that and they think, it’s not just a bar that’s opening up.

“We are putting quality, fantastic bands on, touring bands, international bands, even tribute bands, local bands as well, and upcoming bands.

“So bringing new music into town, into Bradford.

“We’re providing hotels with business – we have people stay full weekends. That’s what we’re about.”