THIS category recognised any employee who has gone the extra mile and exceeded the expectations of their manager, trainer or mentor.

Elizabeth Dawson, from New Business of the Year nominees Cake’Ole, was shortlisted by the café’s owner, Richard Wilson.

The 71-year-old runs the floor and was hailed for her dedication to providing for the public.

Mr Wilson described her as being like “Bradford royalty”.

Ann Ferhani, of the Bradford Hotel, was also shortlisted.

But it was Nazia Habib, from Rimmington’s Pharmacy, who picked up the award.

It was a teary reception, with Mrs Habib visibly shocked and overwhelmed.

She struggled to come to terms with winning the award, often pausing throughout her speech to compose herself and articulate just how much it meant to her.

She was joined on stage by her boss and father, who championed Mrs Habib’s work ethic and dedication to care.

Mrs Habib said: “I’m feeling quite honoured and I feel special that my bosses actually think this.

“I appreciate this a lot. I am worthy of this award.”

The award-winners story is one of trials and tribulations in her own life, which have come to inspire her.

She said: “I’ve had 11 years of experience in a pharmacy – five years I worked.

“From 2001 until 2005, I stopped.

“After that, 10 years I spent looking after my daughter.

“It was a mission, a goal of my life, to get her on her feet, where the doctors had just said, we don’t whether she’d be able to walk, talk or eat.

“I had to complete that mission myself – I couldn’t put that on anyone, the carers, nursery, noone.

“I always had it throughout that 10 years that I was going to go back to my pharmacy job – and I did, after 10 years.

“When I went back, I gave it my 101 per cent and I am still doing and I always will.”

The mother added that her experiences in her own personal life has taken her appreciation for care to the next level, in terms of what she wants to provide for other people.

Good care to Mrs Habib is putting a smile on her patients’ faces.