Shutters on take away needed due to "notable…

Shutters on take away needed due to "notable increase in crime"

A TAKE away in a Conservation Area that installed security shutters without planning permission says it needed to do so because of the “notable increase in crime” in the area.

A retrospective planning application has been submitted to Bradford Council to retain a new frontage, including roller shutters, to UK Fried Chicken at 8 Lansdowne Place, off Morley Street. The work was carried out late last year.

The application says: “The Applicant installed a new shop frontage featuring roller shutters in order to enhance and modernise the façade, as well as enhance the building’s safety following a number of shop break-ins and a notable increase in crime in recent months. The applicant took inspiration from a number of nearby commercial properties.

Takeaway plan for Manningham conservation area refused

“The proposal clearly brings about several benefits to the Applicant’s business whilst reducing the risk of

crime related incidents such as theft. The presence of the well-designed shop front is considered would have a positive impact on the character and appearance of the Conservation Area.”

The application includes a number of news stories about robberies and thefts in Bradford.

A decision on the application is expected in November.