T&A launches Best Eat Out competition

T&A launches Best Eat Out competition

IT is time for our readers to vote in the Telegraph & Argus’s new competition to find the best Eat Out to Help Out venue in the Bradford district.

We want you to nominate your favourite venue, including restaurants, cafes and pubs, whether it is because of their perfectly roasted coffee, selection of tea, delicious food or their friendly welcome.

The Government-subsidised Eat Out to Help Out scheme, which encouraged people to eat out again, was a massive success nationally and across the Bradford district, where 507 venues served a whopping 620,000 meals.

Thousands of businesses across the country signed up and saw their menu prices slashed throughout August.

Through the scheme, diners were able to get half price food and drink every Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday from August 3 all the way through to end of the month.

Businesses who signed up to the Eat Out to Help Out were able to claim up to a total value of £10 per person from the Government.

Eat Out to Help Out was enjoyed by restaurant, cafe and pub goers all across the region but figures released by the Government revealed that the Bradford West constituency had a particularly high take up.

According to the figures up to August 27, nearly 57,000 restaurants across England registered with the scheme, claiming over 51 million meals and claiming £295,000,000 of the discount. The average discount per meal was £5.76.

Of the five Bradford constituencies, Bradford West had by far the largest take up of the scheme.

With 164 eating establishments registered, a total of 223,000 meals were claimed and £1,418,000 was the total discount claimed. The average discount per meal was £6.37.

Restaurants, cafes and pubs in the Keighley constituency came second with 126 taking part, 155,000 meals claimed and £921,000 of discount claimed.

The average discount per meal in the Keighley constituency was £5.94.

Bradford East, Shipley and Bradford South came next with 74, 106, and 37 establishments registered, 129,000, 69,000 and 44,000 meals claimed and £921,000, £865,000 and £250,000 of discount claimed.

The average discount per meal in those constituencies was £5.90, £6.72 and £5.71.

Lauren Wood, marketing executive at the Telegraph and Argus, said: “The Eat Out to Help Out scheme has been so successful.

“It’s been amazing to see the huge numbers of venues get behind the scheme and back to doing what they do best!

“We really need to reward the amazing work that’s gone on over the past two months in the food and drink industry.

“Not only have they been providing the excellent food, drink and service, but also making sure their environment is safe for their customers.

“It’s a huge responsibility but all venues seem to have excelled and come back better than ever.

“Here at the T&A we’d love for you to nominate as many venues as possible who took part in the scheme, it’s their time to shine!”

So now is your chance to help us to determine the outcome of this 2020 competition.

Tell us and one lucky venue could be in with a chance of the being the Telegraph and Argus Best Eat Out To Help Out winner.

To vote your favourite venue, please visit https://www.surveymonkey.co.uk/r/FNYPXSX

Nominations will be open until Sunday, September 20.

We will then publish the top 20 Eat Out to Help Out venues as chosen by the Telegraph and Argus readers on Thursday, September 24, and Friday, September 25, along with a couple to vote for your favourite.