The Right Route?

The Right Route?

We are a whole month into the academic year and just like the seasons are changing, you may be changing your mind about the choices you made over the summer and your decision to attend college.

Young people have a lot of pressure put on them to choose the right college course, which can often be daunting. Once you have started at college you may realise that this is not the best learning environment for you, or you may be having second thoughts about the course you have enrolled on. There are alternative options out there for you and it is important to realise that it is not too late to change your mind.

Qube learning work with many students in the Bradford area that have made the decision to leave college for various reasons but still want to progress onto an Apprenticeship and gain meaningful work experience.

Callum Crawford was enrolled at Bradford college but found that a classroom-based environment was not right for him, Callum’s lecturer referred him to the Kickstart Centre where a Traineeship placement was quickly found for him in a popular hotel. Callum excelled himself in work-based learning and really found his feet. Callum’s efforts were rewarded when he was invited to the 2019 Qube Awards where he received a ‘highly commended’ award from World Record holder Colin Jackson, CBE.

Callum is a shining example of how you can revaluate the choices you have made and put yourself back on the right route for you.

Whether you are interested in Childcare, Business Services, Hospitality, Auto Mechanics or Health and Social Care, Qube Learning and their dedicated recruitment team will support you into the right route. If you have decided that college is not right for you then you can still have fantastic career options.

BBC Apprentice star and motivational speaker Kayode Damali, recently joined forces with Qube Learning to promote choosing the right path for your career, recording ‘The Right Route’ podcast in Bradford and discovering more about Traineeships and Apprenticeships. Kayode met with previous Traineeship student Zahra Batool who had enrolled on a beauty course at college and then realised that this wasn’t for her. Zahra left college and was supported by Qube learning into work placements for both childcare and business administration. Zahra discovered a passion for business administration and is now 6 months into her Apprenticeship working alongside Steve Cole at the Kickstart centre.

Zahra states that “The Traineeship helped me develop my employability skills and confidence. I don’t think I would have gained the skills I have now on a college course or if I had gone straight onto an Apprenticeship. The Traineeship transition really helped”

Steve Cole recently joined Qube as the new Kickstart centre co-ordinator. You can call in to the Kickstart centre to speak to Steve or Zahra if you would like to explore the options available to you.