This new town centre shop is a knitter’s…

This new town centre shop is a knitter’s paradise

A POPULAR craft shop has moved from the sleepy fishing village of Fleetwood to Pudsey.

Jacqui Angel has relaunched her much-loved knitters paradise of five years in the town, where she hopes to capitalise on the “growing trend” of younger generations taking up crafts.

“Crochet and knitting are both making a huge come back with so many people wanting to learn it’s an ideal time to open my shop and help people gain a new hobby,” she explained.

Jacqui and her two sons first moved to Pudsey last year, when she began running a home business. But she missed her own shop and jumped at the opportunity to relaunch the Topstitch brand in Pudsey – a place, she believes, has “a constant flow of people” walking by.

Jacqui, who is struggling to sleep at night from excitement, told the Telegraph & Argus: “My shop in Fleetwood was a great success, I had Topstitch there for 5 years and it thrived with lots of local support.

“I moved to Pudsey to be with my partner Shaun, who has encouraged me to set up shop here.

“Lots of people have expressed an interest in the shop and the social media response has been brilliant with lots of local people asking when the shop is opening and what I will be selling. The support has been overwhelming.

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“Moving to Pudsey was a huge step for me and I have loved it but the one thing I have missed is being in the shop, chatting to people and having that sense of community. I am so excited to be back up and running , it’s been far too long but with the support of a new set of customers I know I can make it work. Since moving I noticed the huge difference in footfall on the highstreet and that has great appeal when setting up a business somewhere new.”

Jacqui will continue her ‘crafty social’ workshops – every Thursday between 12pm and 2pm – which proved successful back in Lancashire, as well as stocking wool, fabric and handmade goods like children’s clothing and soft furnishings.

She added: “Workshops were a huge part of the shop, not just for learning a new skill or improving an already established one but for the social interaction that comes with it. Groups of people getting together and sharing mutual interests can only be a good thing and this shows in the friendships made from doing just that.

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“It’s becoming a growing trend with people like “Bella Coco” and “attic24” showing wool and needle craft are for everyone. This has had a huge effect on my business with a growing number of customers of all ages taking an interest, booking workshops and buying wool.”