Inside the new ‘serene environment’ in Bradford designed…

Inside the new ‘serene environment’ in Bradford designed to calm you down

A NEW sensory room has been hailed as a “serene environment” for neurodiverse people of all ages to regain a sense of calm.

The colourful, musical space can be found close to The Hub at The Broadway shopping centre in Bradford. Features include mood lighting, mirrors, a musical hand and touch wall, an LED colour curtain and even an acoustic bed.

The relaxing, custom-built space has taken around three years to bring to life. It was created by Shipley-based sensory room and equipment designers and manufacturers, SpaceKraft.

Bruce Todhunter, who is one of the company’s directors, said: “It took three years. We’re very pleased with it.

“Where we’ve got them in other places they’re working so well as a place for users to come to the shopping mall, they can come there comforted that if their child has anxiety problems or all the different things that affect autistic children, they have a room they can access. It makes it much better for the carer to know they’ve got this facility at hand.

“They can even plan it as part of the trip to the shopping mall.

“The design really is about offering a range of different types of sensory experience and that the person looking after the child or adult can choose what they want. We tried to give such a range that it ticks most boxes. It’s interactive. It can be calming, nice therapeutic music. It also is about finding the right piece of equipment that person can use and enjoy.

“It’s a multi-task room, lots of choice, and very easy to choose by the carer as well. Press a button and they can choose which to enjoy.

“The parents or carers that come in know the child, know the young adult. The room is going to be a great resource going forward. It’s not just for users of the shopping mall.”

It will be available for use in line with the centre’s opening times and managed by The Hub. No booking is needed at this time.

Lord Mayor of Bradford Cllr Bev Mullaney officially opened the sensory room as the first official function in her new role.

The Lord Mayor, who was handed the chains of office for the coming year on Tuesday, said: “It was such an honour to attend the launch of the sensory room, especially as my first official function as Lord Mayor.

“It is a groundbreaking space that will be a calming retreat for individuals with sensory processing needs in our community and will provide a serene environment for neurodivergent visitors to The Broadway and the city centre.”