Why boulders have been installed outside Bradford Live…

Why boulders have been installed outside Bradford Live building

Plans for Bradford Live – which were submitted to Bradford Council in 2018 – said “hostile vehicle mitigation features” were needed at the front of the venue.

Hostile vehicle mitigation features are designed to prevent vehicles from being used as weapons towards the public and infrastructure.

The boulders came as the words ‘Bradford Live’ appeared on the big screen on the old Odeon building last week.

Questions are continuing to be asked over the future of Bradford Live.

In December last year, the Birmingham-based NEC Group said the developer, Bradford Live, would hand over the iconic domed venue to the NEC Group “by mid-2024”.

Organisers previously stated the launch season for Bradford Live would take place this autumn.

But the NEC Group has repeatedly declined to confirm its commitment to Bradford Live for several months now – amid announced events being axed and no further shows being advertised at this stage.

The NEC Group is still referenced on Bradford Live’s official website.

Last month, Bradford Live director Chris Morrell said the building “certainly will” open as an entertainment venue – but he could not confirm exactly when this would be.

He said the “finishing touches” were being applied to the building.